5 Wedding Hair Tips

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

What an exciting time for you!

You now have many things to think about and your hair is one of those major decisions.

Choosing how you will have your hair for your wedding day can be a daunting and worrying aspect of any bride’s special day.

This article is here to help you by giving you five top tips to think about when planning your wedding day hair.

So where do we start?

1. Stylist choice. Choosing the right person to style your hair for your most special day is vital. If you don’t have any friend hairdressers, have a look around your area and go visit them in their salons. Get a feel for the place and for the work that they do. Ask for examples of their wedding hairstyles that they have previously done and costs need to be discussed at this stage too if you are following a budget.

2. Hair style. What sort of look will you be going for? A natural every day look that could be slightly enhanced or a more glamorous look to wow your guests and future spouse? Don’t go with something so outlandish that you will not be comfortable. Remember, all eyes will be on you for most of the day and you will want people to remember how beautifully stunning you looked and not how crazy your hair was!

3. Colouring. If you colour your hair you will need to discuss this with your stylist to ensure that you have the right shade on the day. Choosing to go a different colour entirely is not always a good move so try to get your colour balanced and looking great way in advance of your special day. You don’t want your roots coming through!

4. Trial and error. Always ensure that you try a few different styles and looks before you decide on the final one. You may find a new style that is just right and that will match with your dress and other accessories better than your original ideas.

5. Tiaras and veils. What you wear on your head will effect how your hairstyle will be so decide early on if you are going to wear a veil over the hair or a tiara with the veil hanging behind it as this all will help you along the way to decide on your hair.

Good luck and have fun.

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