Some Wedding Hair Dos

How do you select a style from so many wedding hair dos that are in style today? This is one of the questions which will be uppermost in the mind of any bride. Everybody has experienced a bad hair day and you do not want that to happen on the most important day of your life and therefore it is important to choose the right wedding hairstyle. Here are a few things you should consider before you choose a style from the various wedding hair dos.

The choices available to you many be somewhat limited depending on is the type of hair, whether curly, wavy or straight, and its texture. Your hair will have a natural flow and inclination and so it is best to keep closely to the best options while choosing a wedding hairstyle. If you have natural curly hair, picking a straight wedding hairstyle might cause some problems. To straighten curly hair will take a lot of time and it may not stay straight, particularly on humid days. On average the entire wedding celebrations last for at least eight hours, so the wedding hairstyle will need to be manageable for at least that long.

There are basically two general styles; wearing your hair up or leaving it down, all other wedding hair dos are just variations of these two. So the next things to consider is whether you would like to have an up do style or would like your hair to flow down. Now, this will depend on two factors; your type of wedding outfit and your facial features and personality.

If you have been wearing your hair down all this time and then changing to an up do style can totally change your looks. You do not want to look suddenly radically different on your wedding day. If you still feel you are keen on up wedding hair dos, you will need to first do a trial much before the wedding date and see how people take to it. You will also get a chance to experience how comfortable you feel in this particular hairdo. If you have sharp features, an up hairdo can give you a severe look and may not suit you if your personality is of a soft kind. In such cases you can consider pulling the hair back in a chignon and decorating it with clips or flowers.

For some, body structure will help decide on a style. An up hairdo will look good if you have a slender neck and soft facial features. This type of hairdo can also accentuate a beautiful high neck wedding dress as the hair style doesn’t cover the work on the bodice of the gown.

Making a choice of wedding hair dos along with the help of your hairdresser is a good idea. Collect the photos of the wedding hairstyles you prefer and take it your hairdressing salon. Ask the hairdresser which ones would suit your type of hair and facial features. Ultimately you should feel comfortable and confident with the hairdo you wear on your big day.

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